1 day trip safari to Ngorongoro crater

Ngorongoro crater, Tanzania, Africa

  • Full day
  • Max People : 2 - 6
  • Type of Tour : Private/group

1 day trip safari to Ngorongoro crater : Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Ngorongoro Conservation area is located in the North of Tanzania 180 km west of Arusha town between Lake Manyara and Serengeti. Ngorongoro crater was established in 1959 and is one of Tanzania’s famous wildlife viewing areas (meet the Big 5 here) and also home to popular Ngorongoro crater which is where its name is derived from. Ngorongoro Volcano was once among the world’s tallest volcanoes not until it erupted forming the Ngorongoro crater.This is a huge and vast volcanic crater approximately 20km wide and was formed around 2.5 million years ago. Ngorongoro crater is home to thousands of wild life such as the gazelles, lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes, rhinos, hippos (in Lake Magadi) however the zebras and wildebeests are the biggest percentage of animals in the crater. Ngorongoro conservation area is a superb place for birding especially near Lake Migadi various birds like the Pink Flamingoes have made it a home. Also meet the endangered Black rhinos which are found in this place. Lodging in this area is available from the luxury lodges such as the Ngorongoro Serena safari lodge to camps.

Overview of 1 day trip to Ngorongoro crater

1 day trip safari to the Ngorongoro Crater offers an exhilarating adventure into one of Africa's most spectacular natural wonders. As you descend into the crater, you're greeted by an abundance of wildlife thriving in this unique ecosystem, including the Big Five such as lion, elephant, buffalo, rhinoceros, and leopard. The crater's floor, dotted with lush vegetation and shimmering lakes, provides a picturesque backdrop for unparalleled wildlife viewing opportunities. With experienced guides leading the way, visitors can marvel at the diversity of species, from graceful antelopes to majestic predators, against the breathtaking backdrop of the crater walls. A day trip to the Ngorongoro Crater promises an immersive safari experience, offering unforgettable encounters with Tanzania's rich biodiversity in just a single day.

Itinerary for 1 day trip safari to Ngorongoro crater

Day 1 : Game drive in Ngorongoro crater

Your 1 day trip safari to Ngorongoro crater starts with early breakfast in the morning at your hotel or place of residence. After breakfast, you will be picked by your driver guide who will brief you about 1 day trip safari to Ngorongoro crater itinerary. The drive to Ngorongoro takes about 3 to 4 hours covering a distance of around 190 kilometers on a good tarmac road. The drives takes you through scenic views of the great Rift valley region along the coffee plantations. You will pass through Lake Manyara, you may have brief stop for the aerial view of the Lake Manyara national park before proceeding to Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area gate. After clearing at the gate, we drive inside the conservation area, have stop at Ngorongoro crater view point for the good pictures of the aerial view of the crater.

We then continue to Ngorongoro crater descending entry point for the most spectacular experience of our 1 day trip safari to Ngorongoro crater. We have a game drive inside the floor of the Ngorongoro crater to view more wildlife like African big five such as Lions, leopards, Rhinos, Elephants, and Buffaloes other animals include zebras, wildebeests, hyenas, hippos, gazelles and many more.Birders are never left stranded as Ngorongoro crater is gifted with over 400 bird species like Secretary bird, kori bustard, Open bill stork, Flamingoes, flycatchers, ostriches and many more.On 1 day trip safari to Ngorongoro crater, experience continues to the hippo pool where we enjoy our lunches from while viewing the hippos and Elephants which like leaving around the cool areas. In the Evening, we ascend the crater as we drive out of the crater and start our drive back to Arusha.

Ngorongoro crater day trip cost Includes

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  • National Park Entrance fee
  • Transport
  • pre-tour briefing with the guide
  • proffesional driver guide
  • Picnic lunchbox

Ngorongoro crater day trip cost Ixcludes

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  • Beverages such as soft drinks, alcohol etc.
  • International flights
  • Insurance
  • Visas
  • Items of a personal nature

What to Expect on 1 day trip safari to Ngorongoro crater

1 day trip safari to Ngorongoro crater promises an exhilarating Tanzania safari through one of Tanzania's most iconic and biodiverse landscapes. As you enter the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, anticipation builds for the breathtaking moment when you first catch sight of the colossal caldera, a natural amphitheater that harbors a stunning array of wildlife. Ngorongoro crater, often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world is home to a high concentration of diverse species, including lions, elephants, zebras, and the endangered black rhinoceros. Your Tanzania safari vehicle will navigate the winding paths, offering panoramic views of the vast grasslands, woodlands, and the shimmering soda lake at the crater's center. Expect to be captivated by the sheer abundance and proximity of wildlife, as Ngorongoro Crater boasts an ecosystem unlike any other in Africa.

Throughout 1 day trip safari to Ngorongoro crater, skilled guides will share their extensive knowledge about the flora and fauna, ensuring that every moment is both thrilling and educational. The Ngorongoro crater unique topography creates an intimate Tanzania safari experience, with the chance to witness predator-prey interactions, observe majestic elephants against the backdrop of the crater walls, and marvel at the graceful movements of flamingos in the soda lake. Your day trip will be punctuated by scenic stops for a packed lunch, allowing you to savor the breathtaking surroundings while enjoying a moment of tranquility.

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